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First Author Publications

Vasilakes, J., Zhou, S., Zhang, R., 2020. Natural Language Processing, in Al’Aref, S., Singh, G., Baskaran, L.,Metaxas, D.eds. Machine Learning for Cardiovascular Medicine. Elsevier.

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Vasilakes, J., Fan, Y., Rizvi, R., Bompelli, A., Bodenreider, O., Zhang, R., 2019. Normalizing Dietary Supplement Product Names using the RxNorm Model. In 17th World Congress on Medical and Health Informatics, MEDINFO 2019.

Vasilakes, J., Rizvi, R.F., Zhang, J., Adam, T.J. and Zhang, R., 2019. Detecting Signals of Dietary Supplement Adverse Events from the CFSAN Adverse Event Reporting System (CAERS). AMIA Joint Summits on TranslationalScience Proceedings.

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Vasilakes, J., Wang, H., Ragni, A., Gales, M.J.F., Knill, K.M., 2016. Speech Recognition and Keyword Spotting Performance Analysis Across Languages. Poster presented at UK Speech Conference, Sheffield, UK.